This was a fun project, working with the extremely talented director, animator and designer, Matthew Keen.

The client, CommuterClub, has a revolutionary new way of commuting in London, allowing customers to get the benefits of an Annual Travelcard while keeping all the flexibility of a monthly.

They also allow you to lock-in current fares for 12 months, delaying TfL’s annual fare rise – cool!

The voiceover brief was for something “…enthusiastic but also trustworthy…” and the client was pleased with the outcome.

As always, with this style of project, the animation had already been created so the challenge was to match the VO to the action on screen. Never an easy task, but removing all the breaths and closing the resulting gaps, in much the same way as I produce radio commercials, sped things up a little and allowed more leeway to add pauses where necessary. It’s always a juggling act.

I was told I sound a bit like the Radio2 DJ Simon Mayo on this recording – can’t see it myself!  🙂

See what you think…

Doodle Ads – What’s Not to Like?

April 3, 2014

For some time I have been working as a voice over for a company called Doodle Ads who produce wonderful hand-drawn animations for companies wanting to promote their wares. These cartoons are absolutely brilliant as they actually tell a story about your business – and people love a good story. All the best marketing campaigns […]

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PRESS RELEASE: Dragons’ Den Star Theo Paphitis Likes Voiceovers… apparently!

February 26, 2014

Well, who’s a lucky voiceover then! Last month I managed to remember to leave a Tweet for Theo Paphitis about a voiceover project I had recently completed for my friends at eUKhost, the UK’s leading web hosting company. Theo very kindly re-Tweeted my post to his, over 415,000, followers as part of his weekly “Small […]

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Specialist Vehicle Insurance..? This Should Do The Trick!

December 5, 2013

This was a great project for Swansea Accident Management via their excellent creative team, at Shooters Media. Working with Open Door Media, using the existing branding and graphics, Shooters developed this short web video to promote SAM, who specialise in compensation claims for specialist vehicles. Shooters Media themselves produce high quality corporate videos to suit […]

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Nice Little Gig for Chevrolet and DreamWorks!

November 5, 2013

Recently I was lucky enough to be chosen to voice the UK cinema ads for Chevrolet who, coincidentally, were sponsoring the new DreamWorks movie, Turbo. It was surprisingly hard to get the right vocal timbre and although the client had already chosen my voice, did not want a typical radio-style deep voiceover, more the kind […]

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Check the status of your new car with… er… Car Status Check

August 1, 2013

This was a fun project – I like doing character voices and this one wasn’t a massive stretch. The brief called for a cheeky, chappy, everyday sort of bloke called Dave, and the superb animation was created by those extremely clever guys at EasyFilms. The product itself is aimed at a younger, cooler audience and […]

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What do YOU use? Voice Acting for Dummies – Recording and Editing Software

June 27, 2013

About The Authors Stephanie Ciccarelli and David Ciccarelli are the founders of, the largest global web hub for voice actors. Over the past 9 years Stephanie, David, and their team have grown from the ground up to become the leader in the industry. This article was originally published in Voice Acting For Dummies […]

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EVACUATE PLANET EARTH …The Fremuluns are coming! U.F.OH!!!

January 9, 2013

One of the great things about being a professional voiceover is working with extremely talented individuals like Mark Davies of Mark Davies Creations… …and this project was no exception. Just a short comedy animation, but great fun to record and the end result kind of puts life into perspective!  As it’s entitled, U.F.OH! See what […]

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OK, OK this is not strictly about voiceovers but it is about music!

October 1, 2012

Well, as a session musician of sorts, after years of using the same old keyboard equipment I finally decided to upgrade earlier this year. After loads of research I bought the amazing Kurzweil PC361 and even managed to find a reasonably priced model on eBay (although it did mean driving to Shepherd’s Bush, London, with […]

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The International Voice of Amway? Yes Please!

September 5, 2012

Well it’s not every day you get asked to voice the introductory video for a global network marketing business, but my Agent from Denmark told me that Amway had heard my voice and wanted me! Amway was started in the 1950’s by Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos selling NUTRILITE™ Dietary Supplements door-to-door and in […]

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